Finally back, i hope

It seems that my problems are finally solved, so i'll hope to back to post without troubles!

Look of the day #2

I'm back!!!
I still waiting to have my graphic card back, but meanwhile i've discovered that i didn't have any motherboard or graphic card issues. It was the monitor. AGAIN. So, i've just replaced my monitor with another one, and it's ok.
Btw. I've found this picture i've done for a Plastik review for the Lungless simphony dresses (that are LOVE. <3), before i was without graphic card. I've done a small edit on it and here it is. Without slurl and all cause i still cant log IW, but i hope you like the same ;_;

Skin from Nomine
Hair from Zero Style
Ears from Illusions
Eyes from Plastik
Tattoo from Etchd
Fingertape from SiniStyle
Dress and choker from Plastik
Leggins from Luck Inc
Shoes from GoS
Poses from Porcupine Love

PC Issues

I haven't post in a while, i'm sorry. But i've had a lot to do with school project as i said before. And, beside that, i have pc issues. What a news, uh? I'm without my Nvidia graphic card due to some controls, and i'm using the on-board graphic, i can't log into SL (i've alredy tried it).
I'm really sorry, i hope i can back ASAP!!! ;_;

Not everything will be perfect

My life will be busybusybusy until 11-12 june i think, when the school of comics will ends, and finally i will have a lot of spare time for me and my things...even if i know well that i'll miss school (until october :p)!
Btw. A few days ago
Aikea Rieko of Plastik has sent me her new Elven Lionheart skins...and they are so amazing!

As for the natural Lionheart skins, these Elven skins are lovely and well done, and come in a lot of amazing colors! And obviously you will find the match elven ears and the eyes from her Oni collection.
At first i've thought of a "classical" elf outfit, but then i've remember this amazing hair from Calico and these separates from Silent Sparrow, that match perfectly the Asari tone (my fave <3 span="">
[ Not everything will be perfect ]
And a bonus pic, to show you the lovely face!<3 span="">
Skin: Plastik - LionHeart Elven "Asari" (shade)*
Eyes: Plastik - Oni Collection Pan-Cloudless*
Ears: Plastik - LionHeart Elven ears (Asari tone)*
Lashes: Miamai - No alpha lashes N01
Hair: Calico Creations - Alanna (dusk)
Prim feet: SLink - Jolie pied flat bare
Tattoo: ::NT:: Butterflies fullbody black (but its more like blue-ish)
Top: Silent Sparrow - Gutter Glitter top (bruise)
Pants: Silent Sparrow - Gutter Glitter jeans (bruise)
Choker: Curious Kitties - Aruasa choker (purple)
Pose: LAP

*Review copies or gifts

Look of the day #1

I can't be always inspired to do a photo with a meaning behind (other than sharing to you some fashion stuffs), a song and a decent editing in PS. But it happens that, despite these reasons, i can have a nice outfit that i would sharing to you. So, i've decided that under the tag Look of the day i'll put these outfits i've saved in my inventory (the outfit option is the only thing i love of the viewer 2.0), without song and all :p
So, this is the first LOTD, put toghether after have purchased a bunch of stuffs from two sales. The cute black top is from the Black like my soul sale from Plastik: the black clothes in the store are marked at 50L only! I dunno when the sale will ends, so hurry up! :p
The other sale is from Nomine: all the clothes, the contacts, and the Mosaic, Andro and Noam skins are over 50% off the usual price, the Specialty skins are 50% off or more. The sale it started today, and it will ends May 21.
Isn't amazing?<3

Skin: Nomine - Mosaic skin china "Vamp light"
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears Fairy/Natural
Eyes: Plastik - Bloodless eyes Night
Hair: Zero Style - Silvana (Raven) (tinted a bit darker)
Lashes: Cake - Flutter lashes
Tattoo: Etchd - Hyde
Nails: Detour - Nails lacquer opium
Top: Plastik - Ezerach top (Black)
Jeans: Snatch - Intense lowrise jeans (Black)
Jewerly: Illusions - Cord wraps set
Prim Feet: SLink - Jolie pied flat bare

There was a game i used to play

I'm not dead, really. But as i've wrote in my previous post, my RL is pretty busy right now! BTW finally 've had the time to do the 2nd part of my Plastik post :D
[There was a game i used to play...]
{Just my immagination - The Cramberries}

Skin: Plastik - Lionheart Myth "Decembrice" (Bare)*
Ears: Plastik - Lionheart Elven ears Myth*
Eyes: Plastik - Bloodless eyes "Night"*
Hair: !lamb - Soot (Ink)
Dress: Plastik - Saturne Victore Black
Leggins: Plastik - DiBold Pinstripe white
Shoes: Resurrection - Laced&Strapped platform boots
Pose: Porcupine Love

*Review copies or gifts

Life in PLASTIK is fantastic

...ok, stupid quote.

BTW, i'm not dead, really. But my RL is busy right now, i've been offline most of the time. Now i'm sick at home,AGAIN, and finally i've the time to done this post!
Some days ago my friend Aubergine has noticed me that Aikea Rieko of Plastik has a blogger program, so i've send her a notecard. I know Plastik since the name was Tokeo Plastik, and one of my first purchase here have been her lovely Rave Pants. So you can imagine my happines when she sends me her new LionHeart skins!!!
I'm not a skin expert but, i assure you, this skin are adorable!!

The skins are absolutely great,well shaded, and a lovely face. In this picks i'm wearing the Myth tone with my favourite makeup, Decembrice.I'm wearing also eyes from the new Bloodless eyes line, always from Plastik. In this pick i'm wearing the Bloodless Night eyes...i'm love purple eyes, and this are absolutely amazing <3

A thing i've noticed and that i loved:

The most lovely butt i've seen in a skin!<3
I wanted to do a LOTD all arond Plastik stuff but i think i'll done in the next post, because my fever still loves me X_x
Thank you Aikea!<3

Shades of grey

Double post, oh yeah. <3
Im still here, despite pc issues (as usual -_- but luckly this time was only a cable...), homeworks and other troubles, like my dog that has eaten my graphic pen ò_ò luckly i've the chance to buy a new Intuos, cause my old Wacom is no longer available being too old.
I love it when things come together so perfectly. So, i was really surprised and happy when i've see how this bichromatic look turned out <3
I absolutely love this new Funambule dress from Schadenfreude <3 I've seen the original brown version done for The black bacchanal, hoping I’d see them in more colors and I was not disappointed!<3
[ Shades of grey ]
{Shades of grey - Waking Ashland}

Skin: Nomine - Sylvan skin china white "Mourna black" (my fav skin ever <3 oldies but goldies!)
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Hair: Calico Creation - Vanessa in Snow (but i've totally edited this hair, i've edited the size and half-tinted in black after have seen this *_*)
Eyes: Negaposi - Creature eyes (blackpurple) (my new fav eyes shop both whit PC, i think <3)
Tattoo: Snatch - Apnea tattoo
Dress: Schadenfreude - Funambule dress (black)
Fingertape: SiniSTyle - Taped fingers and black nails
Socks: Nightshade Design - Blacklist stripe stocking
Chocker: Snatch - Languid gothic ribbon choker
Other accessories (that you can't see there):
Shoes: Snatch - Gooshers boots (Tuxedo)
Wings: Pink Fuel - Chibi Wings
Pose: Torridwear

Like a spoiled child

[ Like a spoiled child ]
Hey, Hachi...people always say that you only discover how precious something is after you lose it.
But i think, you really only recognize it, when you see it a second time again face to face.

{Nana Osaki - Nana chapter 41}

Skin: Nomine - Primrose skin Virgin "Rush"
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Hair: Maitreya - Apple II (Ebony)
Eyes: Poetic Color - Cat lavender sky
Lashes: Cake - Flutter lashes
Tattoo: Etchd - Creeper

Goodbye, halcyon days

I was starting to know Aubergine when i've decided to go AFK from SL for a while,some months ago. But i'm glad to have found her again a nd start again to knowing eachother and babbling at night.
Thank you Melanzanina <3
[ Goodbye, halcyon days ]
If. . . If I were the rain. . . that binds together the Earth and the sky, whom in all eternity will never mingle. . . Would I be able to bind two hearts together?
{Orihime Inoue - Bleach vol.3}

On me
Skin: Cupcakes - Crimson Alabaster antique
Hair: Maitreya - Jaiden (Pitch)
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Cat lavender sky
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Give me poison
Outfit: Bare Rose - I only said

On Aubergine
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - 2-3 (old Red Packet Hunt prize)
hair: - Melanie.2 - Melancholy White
kimono: BareRose - Etude in E Tristesse Purple

The great song of indifference

Aaah, indifference. What a great weapon. Bob Geldof is a great sage, imho XD
Other than that. I know that probabily tons of more famous fashion blogs had alredy posted about this, but i don't care (as the title says XD).
Do i ever told you how much i love Nomine's skin? Seriously. I've joined SL in June 2007, and since September/october 2007 Nomine are my ONLY skin. I can't help it. I love them, they are my "face". Obviously i have a bunch of other skins, but i'm not a skin whore, so they are few, bought for a particular photo, or because they are a gift from shops. Nomine skins are the only i use ALWAYS. And when i've seen the new Mosaic line, i've screamed like a crazy fangirl. As usual, when Munchflower Zaius put out new skins. I must admit, at first sight i was perplexed, because the Mosaic skins are different from her previous some way, they are a bit more realistic than previous lines. But not too much (luckly for me, i *hate* hyperrealistic skins). But at least i'm in love with this skins, they are so magnificent. And because i've had the chance to take some limited make up done with previous limited skins, like this Aeolian Black.
I've just a request for the next skin: BUST SHADOW. Maybe two options, with and whitout bust shadow. Please, Munchflower ;__;

[ I don't mind at all ]
{The great song of indifference - Bob Geldof}

Skin: Nomine - Mosaic Skin china Aeolian black
Hair: Calico Creation - Vanessa in Snow (but i've totally edited this hair, i've edited the size and half-tinted in black after have seen this *_*)
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Tattoo: Etchd - Folklore
Eyes: Poetic Color - Cat lavender sky
Lashes: Cake - Flutter lashes
Corset: The Abyss - Pruriency corset black
Skirt: Snatch - Part of the "Behind closed doors" outfit
Chocker: The Abyss - Chocker combo v.1
Cuffs: SiniStyle - Misery loves company cuffs
Socks: barbee - Stockings (damaged)
Boots: Spider Production - Destroy buckles fem black
Pose: LAP



The thing about addiction is, it never ends well. Because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high, stops feeling good, and starts to hurt. Still, they say you don't kick the habit until you hit rock bottom. But how do you know when you are there? Because no matter how badly a thing is hurting us, sometimes, letting it go hurts even worse.
{ Meredith - Grey's Anatomy }

Skin: Nomine - Primrose skin virgin 'Oil' (And finally you can see the lovely face in totally love X3)
Hair: Calico Creation - Vanessa in Snow (but i've totally edited this hair, i've edited the size and half-tinted in black after have seen this *_*)
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Tattoo: Etchd - Hyde
Eyes: Poetic Color - Cat lavender sky
Lashes: Cake - Flutter lashes
Necklace Illusions - Cord Wrap Necklace

Bones of glass

Not exactly fan of this movie, but i love this quote =)

[Mia piccola Amélie, lei non ha le ossa di vetro]

So, my little Amélie, you don't have bones of glass. You can take life's knocks. If you let this chance pass, eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So, go get him, for Pete's sake!

le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain

Skin: Nomine - Primrose skin virgin 'Oil'
Hair: Maitreya - Apple II Ebony
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears Fairy/Natural
Tattoo: Etchd - Creepy
Dress: Cachet - Clipping dress black
Shoes: SiniStyle - Combat boots (black)
Gloves: ! CE_Cubic Effect - Part of the Wrap tank mini dress(Black)
Necklace: I love 13 - Heartkeaper necklace
Pose: LAP

Oh hai.

Why i should open another blog account, when i already have a RL blog that i update rarely (and, other than that, when i already have a SL blog with friends?)? Maybe because i love creating gazillion web accounts that I will forget after a while.
I think i'll use this space for posting my photos, LOTD and otheer silly things randomly.
Yeah.*runs away*

[ This story ain't over ]
{The story ain't over - Avantasia}