Look of the day #2

I'm back!!!
I still waiting to have my graphic card back, but meanwhile i've discovered that i didn't have any motherboard or graphic card issues. It was the monitor. AGAIN. So, i've just replaced my monitor with another one, and it's ok.
Btw. I've found this picture i've done for a Plastik review for the Lungless simphony dresses (that are LOVE. <3), before i was without graphic card. I've done a small edit on it and here it is. Without slurl and all cause i still cant log IW, but i hope you like the same ;_;

Skin from Nomine
Hair from Zero Style
Ears from Illusions
Eyes from Plastik
Tattoo from Etchd
Fingertape from SiniStyle
Dress and choker from Plastik
Leggins from Luck Inc
Shoes from GoS
Poses from Porcupine Love

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