Shades of grey

Double post, oh yeah. <3
Im still here, despite pc issues (as usual -_- but luckly this time was only a cable...), homeworks and other troubles, like my dog that has eaten my graphic pen ò_ò luckly i've the chance to buy a new Intuos, cause my old Wacom is no longer available being too old.
I love it when things come together so perfectly. So, i was really surprised and happy when i've see how this bichromatic look turned out <3
I absolutely love this new Funambule dress from Schadenfreude <3 I've seen the original brown version done for The black bacchanal, hoping I’d see them in more colors and I was not disappointed!<3
[ Shades of grey ]
{Shades of grey - Waking Ashland}

Skin: Nomine - Sylvan skin china white "Mourna black" (my fav skin ever <3 oldies but goldies!)
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Hair: Calico Creation - Vanessa in Snow (but i've totally edited this hair, i've edited the size and half-tinted in black after have seen this *_*)
Eyes: Negaposi - Creature eyes (blackpurple) (my new fav eyes shop both whit PC, i think <3)
Tattoo: Snatch - Apnea tattoo
Dress: Schadenfreude - Funambule dress (black)
Fingertape: SiniSTyle - Taped fingers and black nails
Socks: Nightshade Design - Blacklist stripe stocking
Chocker: Snatch - Languid gothic ribbon choker
Other accessories (that you can't see there):
Shoes: Snatch - Gooshers boots (Tuxedo)
Wings: Pink Fuel - Chibi Wings
Pose: Torridwear

Like a spoiled child

[ Like a spoiled child ]
Hey, Hachi...people always say that you only discover how precious something is after you lose it.
But i think, you really only recognize it, when you see it a second time again face to face.

{Nana Osaki - Nana chapter 41}

Skin: Nomine - Primrose skin Virgin "Rush"
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Hair: Maitreya - Apple II (Ebony)
Eyes: Poetic Color - Cat lavender sky
Lashes: Cake - Flutter lashes
Tattoo: Etchd - Creeper

Goodbye, halcyon days

I was starting to know Aubergine when i've decided to go AFK from SL for a while,some months ago. But i'm glad to have found her again a nd start again to knowing eachother and babbling at night.
Thank you Melanzanina <3
[ Goodbye, halcyon days ]
If. . . If I were the rain. . . that binds together the Earth and the sky, whom in all eternity will never mingle. . . Would I be able to bind two hearts together?
{Orihime Inoue - Bleach vol.3}

On me
Skin: Cupcakes - Crimson Alabaster antique
Hair: Maitreya - Jaiden (Pitch)
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Cat lavender sky
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Give me poison
Outfit: Bare Rose - I only said

On Aubergine
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - 2-3 (old Red Packet Hunt prize)
hair: - Melanie.2 - Melancholy White
kimono: BareRose - Etude in E Tristesse Purple

The great song of indifference

Aaah, indifference. What a great weapon. Bob Geldof is a great sage, imho XD
Other than that. I know that probabily tons of more famous fashion blogs had alredy posted about this, but i don't care (as the title says XD).
Do i ever told you how much i love Nomine's skin? Seriously. I've joined SL in June 2007, and since September/october 2007 Nomine are my ONLY skin. I can't help it. I love them, they are my "face". Obviously i have a bunch of other skins, but i'm not a skin whore, so they are few, bought for a particular photo, or because they are a gift from shops. Nomine skins are the only i use ALWAYS. And when i've seen the new Mosaic line, i've screamed like a crazy fangirl. As usual, when Munchflower Zaius put out new skins. I must admit, at first sight i was perplexed, because the Mosaic skins are different from her previous some way, they are a bit more realistic than previous lines. But not too much (luckly for me, i *hate* hyperrealistic skins). But at least i'm in love with this skins, they are so magnificent. And because i've had the chance to take some limited make up done with previous limited skins, like this Aeolian Black.
I've just a request for the next skin: BUST SHADOW. Maybe two options, with and whitout bust shadow. Please, Munchflower ;__;

[ I don't mind at all ]
{The great song of indifference - Bob Geldof}

Skin: Nomine - Mosaic Skin china Aeolian black
Hair: Calico Creation - Vanessa in Snow (but i've totally edited this hair, i've edited the size and half-tinted in black after have seen this *_*)
Ears: Illusions - Abyssal ears fairy/natural
Tattoo: Etchd - Folklore
Eyes: Poetic Color - Cat lavender sky
Lashes: Cake - Flutter lashes
Corset: The Abyss - Pruriency corset black
Skirt: Snatch - Part of the "Behind closed doors" outfit
Chocker: The Abyss - Chocker combo v.1
Cuffs: SiniStyle - Misery loves company cuffs
Socks: barbee - Stockings (damaged)
Boots: Spider Production - Destroy buckles fem black
Pose: LAP