Photography/Illustrations service

As for now i can't offer photographic services due to technical issues.
Meanwhile i fix this, i offer sketch commissions, read it here or here.

-These are some examples of what you get:
Since i'm a comic artist you will not get a "classical" portrait but something done with my style, so it will be unique and different from other sketches i could do for someone else - but always being faithful to your own style!
-More examples of my art? Here's my DeviantArt gallery:
-Send me a private message here on Flickr (IM or notecard will be capped) with a screenshot (or more, if you want more pieces) of your avatar. If you prefer i will give you my mail address.
-Sketches will be headshots/halfbody only. Dress as you want; tattooes are allowed, but please keep it simple for my own sanity :°D
-I'll do a preliminary sketch and then i'll show it to you: if you like it i'll go with colors. You can chose which colors have for the shades.
-After the payment i'll send you an high res files without my watermark (only my signature); my watermark show my name as i may would put it your sketch onto my galleries, let me know if you don't want me to do it.
-Payment will be made via Paypal after you approve the preliminary sketch: the price is 5 EURO. Cash is preferred, but you can chose to pay the corresponding amount of lindens (1250L), just let me know it.
-For couples sketch the rules are the same, and the price will be 8 EURO (or 1980L if you prefer to pay in lindens).

For any questions drop  me a message!

Abby (Abigale Heron IW)
For any questions feel free to contact me via Flickr (IM's will be capped)!

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