Life in PLASTIK is fantastic

...ok, stupid quote.

BTW, i'm not dead, really. But my RL is busy right now, i've been offline most of the time. Now i'm sick at home,AGAIN, and finally i've the time to done this post!
Some days ago my friend Aubergine has noticed me that Aikea Rieko of Plastik has a blogger program, so i've send her a notecard. I know Plastik since the name was Tokeo Plastik, and one of my first purchase here have been her lovely Rave Pants. So you can imagine my happines when she sends me her new LionHeart skins!!!
I'm not a skin expert but, i assure you, this skin are adorable!!

The skins are absolutely great,well shaded, and a lovely face. In this picks i'm wearing the Myth tone with my favourite makeup, Decembrice.I'm wearing also eyes from the new Bloodless eyes line, always from Plastik. In this pick i'm wearing the Bloodless Night eyes...i'm love purple eyes, and this are absolutely amazing <3

A thing i've noticed and that i loved:

The most lovely butt i've seen in a skin!<3
I wanted to do a LOTD all arond Plastik stuff but i think i'll done in the next post, because my fever still loves me X_x
Thank you Aikea!<3

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