[Oh, hai]

Long time no see, uh?

TL;DR my pc died around march. Like, dead for good. It literally exploded. Since art commissions are my only income it required me a lot of months to buy a new pc that could run SL... and in late november i finally succedeed!

So yes, i'm basically back more than one month ago but i decided to start to take pics again just now because a mix of low mood/being busy with commissions/lazines.

BUT I'M BACK (if anyone is interested :°D) and i'll keep blogging and doing pictures for my own amusement... and i also plan to revamp my SL Sketch commission too.

Meanwhile, have this outfit i put together for a photo contest. :D

[And just nobody can foresee...]

[It's a murderous, murderous ball night]

Skin: La Malvada Mujer*
Eyes: [The Skinnery]
Ears: Illusions (old, discontinued)
Lips: [mock]
Piercings: Punctured PinUp
Hair: Magika
Mesh body: Maitreya
Mesh hands: Vista (Bento)
Corset&Hoodie: [SAKIDE]
Make up&Skirt: Sn@tch (the skirt is part of a set sold circa 2010, it's a prim skirt.)
Applier shirt: Mishmash Fusion
Stockings: Zaara (they comes with the Maitreya body)
Shoes: Beetlebones
Sword: Centrocore (1L on the marketplace)
Poses: Del May (1st pic), Slouch (2nd)

*Review copies or gifts

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