[Two by two, hands of blue]

Long time no see, uh?
But the latest weeks were HELL, and i just want to forget about it. Btw now i should be free from stress - at least i hope.
And what's better of a (late) Strawberry Singh's monday meme to back in business?
When i saw the theme, TV Show, i knew i HAD to partecipate! I'm a huge tv show maniac, and i've had no doubt in wich show recreate: Firefly. And of course the character i chose was my beloved River.
I have to say it was a bit difficult at first, because i couldn't find a location that could resemble the Serenity ship, or clothes similar to one of River's tv show outfits... so i "cheated" and i used my fav ColdLogic dress to recreate a similar look to the outfit she had in Serenity, the movie that ends the serie. It's like the third time in a row that i use this dress, but i can't help it, i love the way it looks on my avatar.
Also, looking at my human-self it gives me an uncanny valley feeling, in almost eight years i never been human :°D

[Two by two, hands of blue]

Skin&Make up: La Malvada Mujer*
Eyes: [The Skinnery]
Lips: [ mock ]
Hands: SLink
Hair: Spellbound
Dress: ColdLogic
Shoes: OW (free on the marketplace)
Pose: Handmade

*Review copies or gifts

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