Fear and loathing - aka, i'm kind of back, it seems.

Hi there.
Guess who's back after... FOUR years?
TL;DR: a friend of mine asked me to back online, and i'm kind of weak. My pc too, but it's another story that i hope to fix soon.
Meanwhile... yes, i'll be online from time to time, between one illustration and another one (shameless self promotion, if you ever need a commission... *winks*), doing my usual things: photography, wandering around, wasting time.
And... i'll try to use again this blog. Because i have to give a meaning to all my outfits.
Ah, meshes.
Beware: i still have A LOT of veryveryvery old items that i still use, i'll try to label everything that is old/discontinued. Also, i have a lot of freebies. Because freebies are AWESOME nowadays. Not like the ones we got back in 2007...

Skin: Nomine (old, discontinued. And sadly for me, now IW closed)
Hair: Magika
Eyes: Poetic Colors (old, discontinued)
Ears: Illusions (old, discontinued i think)
Tattoo: Etchd (old, discontinued)
Piercings: PuncturedPinup (45L on their marketplace)
Make-up&Top: Sn@tch (old)
Hoodie: M.o.W (5L on their marketplace)
Necklace: Kosh

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