I don't think i'll ever need some policies about reviews but, you know, just in case...

-Unless stated otherwise, i buy everything i blog. Gifts, review copies are marked with *, and i alwyas say if an item is a freebie/gift.

-If you want to send me something to review, i will gladly do! But keep in mind that if i have critiques to do, i will do it - not in an harsh way, obviously, i'll be polite. But i'll do. I also don't always blog everything i got, due to RL time/personal tastes.

What i usually like/wear:
I'm a shapeshifter, so my av is never fully human; i like goth/alternative fashion, and i rarely use classy/elegant gown - but i'll review it anyway if needed, though i'll do adding my own "touch" :)
More specifically...

I like gothic/alternative fashion, mostly separates but i like gothic dressess/mini dresses too. I love gothic lolita frocks. I also like something more casual that i can mix'n'match with other separates. I mostly wear black, paired with dark colors (purple, sometimes blue, red or gray). As for shoes, i'm a boots lover - platform or with heels, if is something gothic-ish is better.

I'm not a skin fanatic, if i found a skin i like i usually stuck with that one (actually is La Malvada Mujer - Kat skin). But if you want to send me some skins for review, i'll gladly do it! On the other hand, i like and use creature/colored skins, so i would like to have that kind of skin! :)

I like to wear long hair in black or white, or neon colors (or black tipped in neon/pastels).

Accessory/Mesh parts/Furry or creature parts: I actually own Slink mesh hands (casual),Slink mesh feet (high), and Maitreya Lara Body. As previously said i'm a shapeshifter, so i use a lot of furry/creature parts: mechanical parts (wings, legs, eyes, ecc) for my robotic-self, mermaid tails, mer parts and colored skin for my mer-self, wings and colored skin for my faerie-self, and a Kemono furry avatar, so i would be happy to review something related! :) As for accessory, i like chockers/spiked chokers, spiked cuffs, simple necklaces. I'm not a fan of complicated jewerly, and i don't use rings or earrings (i always wear my elf ears).

I'm a tattoo fanatic, the more colored and big the better! Or even b/w, i just love big tattoos (full sleave or fullbody)! As for makeup, i like black and colored dramatic eyeshadows, and glossy lipstick... but not every lipistick look good on me, so be careful :/

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