As for now, i stopped blogging for stores.

It's not because i have something against who does it, mind you, but i've found myself too busy to keep track of all the releases and events (and i prefer to blog when i feel like doing it)... and i discovered that it was ok for me.
Making pictures has always been a way to express my feelings (as i do with IRL watercolors), and it was kind of difficult to make this work with review copies: i was glad to get them when i used to have sponsors, but most of the time the items didn't fit my tastes, and it was hard to put them in my pics.
Basically this blog is where i put the credits for the things i use in my pictures.
So i just decided to stop having sponsors and buy the things i like, supporting the creators i love. The only exception is La Malvada Mujer/Dysphoria, since i use her tattooes only. But i know the owner since almost ten years now, we're friends, so it's kind of a different situation.

TL;DR i don't have sponsors nor i plan to looking for some.

However, if someone would like to send me some review copies, here's some infos:

  1. - First of all, THANK YOU!
  2. - Please let me know if your item is for an event, so i'll see if i have enough time to do a post before the event date.
  3. - I reserve the right to not blog the item if i think it doesn't fit my style/my tastes/i don't like it.
  4. - I'm not always a talkative person in my posts but, if i have a critique to do on your item, i'll do it.
  5. I mostly wear goth/alternative, with black, gray and red or purple as my colours choice. I don't mind casual attire, but i do prefer separates i can mix and match to my tastes.
  6. The mesh bits i have: Catwa Catya Bento Head, Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, SLink Hourglass Mesh Body (tho i usually stick to Maitreya), Vista Bento Pro-Hands, SLink Female Dynamic Hands (tho i mostly use Vista's), UTILIZATOR Kemono.
  7. In SL i'm a shapeshifter, so i'm never fully human: i don't wear human hears and i like fantasy/nonhuman accessories like horns, claws, ears and tails, wings, mermaid tails, fantasy skins, Kemono mods. I don't like medieval fantasy or gorean things.
  8. I'm not a skin fan, if i find a skin i like (and that looks good on me) i usually stick with it for ages (currently i use an updated version of La Malvada Mujer Kat skin. This skin has never been sold so i'm the only one that uses it). But i always look for nice fantasy skins, so if you make fantasy skins and you want to send me review copies i'll be more than happy to use them! I also like make-up, mostly eyeliners and eyeshadows (i use Pink Fuel Fresh Lip Tints all the time because they look good on me and they're highly customizable, so i rarely look for lipsticks).
  9. I prefer to buy hair by myself because i can't always find hairstyles that suit me. ^^;
  10. Poses. I LOVE poses. I mostly prefer natural poses rather than model ones, but there are exceptions ofc.
I think that's all, thanks for reading it!


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