[ Thunder wishes it could be the Snow...]

[ Thunder wishes it could be the Snow...]

Happy New Year, everyone!
I had a great New Year's Eve, with a couple of friends at my place for some days, a lot of food, babbling and drawings. I hope your was great too :)
I've took this photo some weeks ago, but with Holydays near i had the time to finish the edit just yesterday!
The amazing sparkling object you see are from [ keke ], wich is one of my new sponsor, and i'm really happy! Kean Kelly's taste is amazing and her works so well done!

Skin: La Malvada Mujer*
Body: The Mesh Project (beta, free)
Eyes: [The Skynnery]
Ears: Illusions (old, discontinued)
Makeup: Sn@tch
Lips: JM:Mai
Piercings: Punctured Pinup
Hair: Spellbound
Horns: 8f8
Wings: COCO
Sparkling logs&Jar: [ keke ]*
Pose: Homemade

* Review copies or gift.

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