[Oh simple things, where have you gone?]

[Oh simple things, where have you gone?]
In the first post i wrote here after my comeback on SL, i said i have a few oldies i still like to wear.
The dress i wear in the picture above is one of those: a 4 years old dress (i remember this because was one of the last things i bought before the quit) from my always beloved Sn@tch, called We spell rowdy. Sistem layers and sculpted skirt in all their glory, and still cute as hell.
Nothing else to say today, tomorrow two of my internet-rl friend will arrive here in my town for five days and i'm in awe! So i can't promise another post in the next days, but i'll try!x3

Skin: La Malvada Mujer*
Eyes: [The Skinnery]
Ears: Illusions (Old, discontinued)
Lips: JM:Mai
Hair: Truth
Hands: SLink
Dress&Socks&Makeup: Sn@tch (The dress is old, but i think it's still available at their System Layers outfits room)
Shoes: Ow (free on the marketplace)
Piercings: PuncturedPinup
Spiked cuffs: SiniStyle (Old)
Necklace: Kosh
Pose: Slouch

*Review copies or gifts.

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