[ Damages ]

Now that i got my pc back, i have connection issues. I dunno, maybe it's karma.
For this reason my time IW was pretty limited lately, but i managed to take some snapshots (arguing a lot with Firestorm)... so, here i am.
While i really love meshes, i still have some things about them that annoy me: first of all, i'm always forced to edit my shape to fit clothes (even for some XL!), and now i have lot of copies of my shape in my inventory. I always been a curvy avie on SL, so that's something that really annoy me.
The second thing is... there's less variety. I think it depends from the premade meshes, but i noticed a lack of originality in stores (clothing especially, but hair stores too)... back in 2007/08 was easy to find really strange dresses or outfit out there: there was originality in working with prims and sculpties, now all is... plain, "normal", except for few exceptions (thank you, Bare Rose). Dunno, maybe i'm just me being the usual weird elf, but i miss the idea of wandering around IW wearing a bikini, a miniskirt and a gasmask - something i used to do back in the days. So, i decided to redo some old outfit i used to wear in 2007/08, with meshes... and the first one was the bikini/gasmask combo. I quite like the outcome of this "updated" version :)

[ Damages ]
Skin: Nomine (old, discontinued)
Ears: Illusions (Old, discontinued)
Eyes: [TheSkinnery]
Hair: Truth
Tattoo: Garden of Ku
Hands: Slink
Bikini: GAS
Skirt&Makeup: Sn@tch
Shoes: OW (Free on the marketplace)
Gasmask: ^Nein^ (Old, discontinued)
Cuffs: SiniStyle
Socks&Choker: Schadenfreude (old)
Poses: Del May&Lotta (this one not exists anymore, i think?)

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