There was a game i used to play

I'm not dead, really. But as i've wrote in my previous post, my RL is pretty busy right now! BTW finally 've had the time to do the 2nd part of my Plastik post :D
[There was a game i used to play...]
{Just my immagination - The Cramberries}

Skin: Plastik - Lionheart Myth "Decembrice" (Bare)*
Ears: Plastik - Lionheart Elven ears Myth*
Eyes: Plastik - Bloodless eyes "Night"*
Hair: !lamb - Soot (Ink)
Dress: Plastik - Saturne Victore Black
Leggins: Plastik - DiBold Pinstripe white
Shoes: Resurrection - Laced&Strapped platform boots
Pose: Porcupine Love

*Review copies or gifts

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